How to Setting Blogspot Subdomain in Cloudflare 2019

How to Setting Blogspot Subdomain in Cloudflare 2019

How to Setting Blogspot Subdomain in Cloudflare in 2020 I am confused to give the title of this article.

I have a domain Kabul123 that I use on this blog using the WordPress platform.
But I made a subdomain for that is (there are other subdomains too).

How to Setting Blogspot Subdomain in Cloudflare
How to Setting Blogspot Subdomain in Cloudflare

The problem is, the subdomain is used for custom blogger domains.

This means that the blog uses the blogger platform (Blogspot).

Initially, the domain settings were no problem because DNS was quite set in the domain management dashboard at the registrar that led to the respective hosting server.

The main domain to hosting itself (WordPress) while the subdomain leads to Everything works normally.

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But when https starts tight, finally using free SSL from Cloudflare.

Like it or not, the name server is directed to Cloudflare. Reasons HTTP to HTTPS is required.

Problems then arise. For some reason, the subdomain that leads to google hosting is not working. Whereas before there were no problems and the settings were correct according to instructions.

It’s possible that Cloudflare has a slight change, or whatever. When the blog is opened the host error appears from Cloudflare. Is Blogspot hosting an error?

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I don’t think it’s because my other custom Blogspot is smooth.

Finally, I tried to turn off the orange cloud image that functions as proxied on the subdomain that leads to google, becoming DNS Only. Well .. finally the blog can be accessed again. BUT non-https.

How to Setting Blogspot Subdomain in Cloudflare

Then I tried to enter It turned out that I didn’t activate https from the blogger.

I try to activate HTTPS Availability by selecting YES and waiting for a few moments.

After the https process is complete, I try to refresh the blog again. Yes! … the blog appears padlock which means SSL is functioning safely.

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I also tried to reactivate the orange cloud in the DNS menu on the Cloudflare dashboard.

And it seems like there is no influence. This means that in my opinion there are 2 SSL available from Cloudflare and

Why not clash? Must be changed after SSL in Cloudflare becomes FULL ( Encrypts end-to-end, using a self-signed certificate on the server ).

If you use flexible it will be an error “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS”

How to Setting Blogspot Subdomain in Cloudflare 2019

I don’t really understand how it works and I don’t understand the technical terminology.

The important thing is that blogs with their own subdomains for custom Blogspot domains can be accessed smoothly again and still use HTTPS.

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enable https availability in blogger dashboard (basic settings)
change encryption mode to FULL on the Cloudflare dashboard (SSL / TSL menu)
This is my note about How to Setting Blogspot Subdomain in Cloudflare which had hosted an error in Cloudflare.

Maybe the problem isn’t the same as the others.

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