25 Better Things to Do in the morning Instead of Scrolling Instagram

25 Better Things to Do in the morning every day Instead of Scrolling Instagram

Scrolling Instagram There is nothing worse than starting your day on the wrong foot while simultaneously scrolling the social media world to see everyone’s seemingly perfect lives.

25 Better Things to Do in the morning every day Instead of Scrolling Instagram

25 Better Things to Do in the morning every day Instead of Scrolling Instagram
25 Better Things to Do in the morning every day Instead of Scrolling Instagram

I have a better idea Actually, I have 25. (engaging music) Good morning, the good life! where we come together to help you go after the life that you want.

And, if you’re like most people, you probably sleep with this thing on your nightstand. I get it, you need it.

Scrolling Instagram

It’s your alarm, right? Well, that’s all well and good until your alarm wakes you up and then you just naturally open up your favorite apps, like Instagram, and just start checking things out, passively, still in bed, haven’t done anything, haven’t even had your own thought for the day.

Do you ever find that whatever you end up seeing on that scroll fest just puts you in a mood? I want you to have more options than that so today, I have 25 way better things that you can do in the morning than spend your time scrolling social media.

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Stay tuned until later to find out how their K-Cups can make your mornings even better. Let’s not waste any time. Here are 25 things that are better, way better, for you to do, in the mornings, instead of scrolling Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, all of the places. TikTok, I hear is hot now, too. Not in the morning, okay?

1. Skincare routine

I had to make this number one because this is the absolute first thing that I do in the mornings and I love it! It gets my skin moving.

Skincare routine
Skincare routine

It gets me hydrated, makes me feel like I can actually move into the next room, into the next move of my day and not still have the crusties in my eyes. It’s also a lot of the reason why people don’t think I’m as old as I am.

 2. Drink water

Specifically for me, it’s lemon water. I’ve probably talked about this 800 times but again, keeping the hydration going. You just went a long time without eating or drinking and your body needs moisture more than anything to start the day.

 3. Play music and dance

I actually found it so fantastic, over the weekend, I realized I could play music from my Apple watch without having to touch my phone, and turn it on in my living room speakers, and I literally danced out of bed.

If you can do this because you don’t have anyone in your house sleeping, you just need to start the day on your terms, moving your body, I highly recommend it.

 4. Walk outside

I try to do this at least on my balcony in our apartment but if you can actually leave the house, this is great, too! I feel like coming into contact with the environment definitely wakes you up in a different way than all the other things that are happening in your own space, especially if you wake up with the sun, feeling that sunlight on you might be exactly what you need.

 5. Read a book, or at least one page

If it’s too hard to fit time in for reading throughout your day, this is probably the best time to do it and make no excuses by at least absorbing one page, even if it’s just one Kindle page, better than nothin’!

 6. write down three priorities for your day.

It’s gonna be a crazy one, you gotta get stuff done, so keep yourself focused by just having three things to focus on, three things to be your goal to complete the day with.

 7. listen to a motivational book

I actually have found a book on Audible that is short, and exciting, and motivational, and it’s literally only an hour-and-a-half-long, so it kind of feels like I’m listening to a podcast.

But the entirety of it is as motivational as an instructional self-development book and it’s the best! I’ll link to it below so you can find out what it is scrolling Instagram.

But just find something that works for you. If you especially don’t like to read pages, just listen to it. It might be exactly what you need to move into the day.

 8. stretch

Your body needs to lean out with a little bit of stretching, even if you’re not good at it. I’m very bad at it. Just use a little bit of a guideline from, like, a Pinterest graphic, right? Just like, a couple of things you can do to make your body move a little bit better today.

9. journal

It’s a great idea to be one with your actual own thoughts at the beginning of your day. I like to do the practice of morning pages which Julia Cameron talks about in, “The Artists Way,” but you can do any kind of journaling and it will really be that mindful moment that you might need to get going scrolling Instagram.

 10. Exercise

My least favorite suggestion on the list and some of the most important of all the suggestions on the list. We know we need it for our own health, both diet and exercise, so why not get it out of the way first thing in the morning? Even if you only do a 20-minute workout, ya did somethin’ today.

11. meditation and this is something that I don’t do every day but I did do it today.

‘Cause I was like, “You know what? “Last night I was very stressed. “I don’t wanna start today this way. “Let’s calm the mind, let’s have some stillness.” And, maybe it’s worth a try every once in a while. Just set a timer for five, 10 minutes.

Don’t think too much into it, literally, you’re not supposed to think too much into it, so give it a shot.

12.  Only speak positive words

I found myself saying the most cuss words in the morning ’cause I’m not that excited about the progress I’m making and how bumpy of a ride it tends to be.

But even when I finish a sentence that doesn’t sound very good, if I said it out loud, I at least try to end it positively. As positive as possible, like, “Oh, my day can only get better, question mark!” (laughing)

13. Make the bed

Okay, if you really wanna get things done throughout the day, prove to yourself you can do something small, like, cleaning up the space that you made a mess of for the last seven to eight hours, so that later on when you are ready to fall into that space again, it’s ready and willing for you.

14. text something nice to somebody

that you know, maybe somebody you haven’t talked to in a while. I don’t want you to spend a lot of time on your phone but if you’re going to spend any time on your phone, it should be to create good things for the world, not absorb anything from everybody else.

Send a nice text to somebody and whether it’s their birthday, or just, “I’m thinking of you,” let yourself feel good about reaching out.

15. Write three things

that you’re grateful for, especially when we wake up in a hustle, and a bustle, and, like, it’s not going so great.

At least sitting down and saying, “Okay, let me present right now. “What’s going well?” (laughing) Like, let’s write that down.

16. Tweet a motivational quote.

I don’t know if you’re one of those people that likes quotes. I live for them.

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you know that I share them all the time, and I personally feel like a much better person, more reflective, when I read a quote that motivates me and I share it with my community. It’s good vibes for all!

17. Cuddle your animal, or your child, or your significant other

If you like to have that connection in the morning, if you’re a snug type of person, I’m not really, (laughs) so this is really hard for me to say, but if you are then you should enjoy that! If you feel the need for that connection then make it happen, especially if those are around you are excited about it.

Lucy is very excited about it when I actually do the thing.

18. Tidy something

I personally tend to be pretty tidy in my life and I’m very tidy when I’m procrastinating.

So if you’re trying to procrastinate on your day a little bit, at least do something that is productive, maybe tidy up the kitchen counter, or the dishes in the sink, or your dining room table, or your office, or whatever.

19. Dry brushing, how random is that?

You know, I had to bring a little bit of skincare back into the game.

This is a really fun tactic that really gets the cells moving, exfoliates you and really gets the blood pumping.

It’s also fantastic for lymphatic drainage and maybe, you know, like, gettin’ rid of some of that cellulite. Let’s get rid of that!

20. listen to a podcast

I would be selective about what your podcasts are first thing in the morning because, again, you are filling words into your head, of what other people are talking about, and podcasts tend to go rogue all the time, no matter what the content is.

But try to do something that tends to be a little bit more uplifting to start your day.

21.  Take an online class

whether it’s something free on YouTube, or you go to, like, a skillshare to try something. Learn something, work on your mastery for the day to really feel like you’re owning the day.

22. Rewrite your goals

If you don’t wanna forget why you do what you do, and all the hard things that you’re gonna have to do today, and what they go back to, refresh your memory every day, and rewrite those goals.

I rewrite mine three times, every single day because I do not wanna forget what the heck we’re doin’ here!

23. Take a fragrance journey

What do I mean by that? Well, it’s a good question. I personally have been getting a little bit more into, like, essential oils. My mom really got me into it.

So, just even starting a diffuser and putting a really great scent in there, like peppermint, or lemon, or something citrusy, too, kind of, wake you up.

I just love doing this but if you just prefer to smell your perfume when you put it on, take a moment and really be present with the scent. It’s nice! I love connecting scent to happiness.

It’s like a different level of things. It’s like you can’t compute it the same way, as like, tangible items and their connection to happiness, which everyone would argue is not a real thing.

24. Write about something you know

like, in a blog, or in a micro-blog, like a caption in your Instagram posts. Again, if you’re gonna share something with the world, at least create it and have it come from you.

Stop absorbing everything else. What is something that you know that you can write about and let people in on? I like to share my specialty, my expertise, any information I find useful for other people, I love sharing it with the world.

25. Take a photo and log your day

I think it’s really fun when people do, like, the 3-6-5 challenge, where they have a photo of every single day scrolling Instagram.

I’m not as good at that but if you use apps like Five Minute Journal, it’ll let you upload a photo for your day and you can kind of go back and scroll through this photo journal. If you add other words to it, that’s cool, too.

But a photo journal of essentially what your life has looked like every day. It’s just kind of fun to look at even if the photos aren’t, like, perfect.

All right, those are 25 things that are literally better than you just mindlessly scrolling Instagram for another half-hour after your alarm went off, while you lay in bed.

So if you need the reminder, then maybe just play this video for literally many, many, many more things that you could be doing.

All right, how ’bout a bonus tip? Who didn’t see this one coming?

26. Have a cup of coffee

It’s not just about my love of the bean. Holding a warm beverage in your hand is the best. It makes you feel better, that first cup of coffee is more impactful than any other cup you’re gonna have the rest of the day.

You gotta love it! Today’s episode is sponsored by one of my favorite brands of coffee, Gevalia.

I don’t like to waste a lot of time going and getting coffee, as much as that’s a fun experience every once in a while, I prefer to have a cafe-like delicious coffee experience at home, as quickly as possible.

I treat my coffee experience a lot like I treat my wine experience. I really wanna taste what I’m drinking so I actually drink coffee black, like 100% of the time. I can’t remember the last time, actually, it was like 2014, was the last time I put something in my coffee.

So it’s really important that it’s a delicious, great cup of coffee but it can’t be too intense. I don’t like the super-intense coffees.

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Scrolling Instagram

I don’t need to, like, feel like I’m tastin’ the bean where it grew out of the ground. Gevalia does not taste like that, and fortunately, I love drinking it because it tastes just as good black as it would if you wanted to put something else in it.

So obviously, the taste is important but the convenience is, too. And, that is why we’ve actually started using a Keurig at home and we use the Gevalia K-Cups.

We made this decision because we just found we were wasting a lot of coffee, and it’s pretty annoying looking at a pot of coffee, and seeing that it’s not gonna have anyone drinking it, and you have to dump it out and start over the next day.

25 Better Things to Do in the morning Instead of Scrolling Instagram

With the K-Cup, you get exactly what you need. You really enjoy that first cup because there’s only one cup with the K-Cup and it brews super fast. I don’t even have to think about it. I just pop the K-Cup in and it starts making itself while I run around and do some other things.

And, it’s tremendously less wasteful for us. I also never waste time shopping for coffee at the grocery store. I usually don’t even go to the grocery store anymore, I order my groceries.

And, one of the ways that I do that is by getting my K-Cups on Amazon because, you know, I’m already on Amazon a lot as it is, right? (laughing) Who’s not? scrolling Instagram.

Also, in an effort to reduce waste, we found a local facility that actually does special recycling for K-Cups since it’s a little bit more of a complicated situation, the grounds are within the plastic, they actually dismantle them and take care of it for us, so we recycle those specially.

There has been a time in my life where I went without caffeine for a while but I would never go back. Coffee is just so, so good for you, it’s good for your brain 25 Better Things to Do in the morning every day Instead of Scrolling Instagram.

It’s a great way to start the day and I would definitely rather be drinking a cup of Gevalia coffee than scrolling Instagram the first moment I wake up, okay?

Coffee and my own thoughts, please and thank you! I will leave a link below where you can find out more details about how you can improve your coffee experience in the morning with Gevalia K-Cups and thanks to them, again, for being a partner to “Kabul123 TV“25 Better Things to Do in the morning every day Instead of Scrolling Instagram.

All right, the question of the day: What is something that I did not mention, that you like to do first thing in the morning, other than scroll social media? Leave that in the comments below.


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