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What I’ve Learned From Being How to become a successful beginner Youtuber

What I’ve Learned From Being How to become a successful beginner Youtuber

I am starting the vlog Oh, my tree’s off It’s very hard to enjoy the tree from the camera because of all of the light-bouncing that’s going on, but it looks just as good when it’s off.

Doesn’t it? Clearly, I’m obsessed with my tree.

Learned From Being A Youtuber How to become a successful
Learned From Being A Youtuber How to become a successful

So I’m about to head into the office. It’s actually kind of like halfway through the day. I’ve had a lot going on, filming, I had a meeting this morning.

You’ve probably seen it on a former video successful beginner YouTuber So I need to go in to pass off some footage to my editor, do a little like touch-base with the team. I’m also doing an Instagram live interview with my friend, Sue B. Maybe have you pop in for that for a little bit.

What else is going on? Lucy hopefully is getting tuckered out at the daycare. That’s what we’re always pulling for. And yeah, basically just trying to bear this cold. It’s freezing. It is so freezing outside, it’s insane.

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So I imagine tomorrow, when I go to New York, going to New York tomorrow, it’s not gonna be much better. So I’m kinda bracing myself for that. Do I need a spray tan? Probably not.

Do I never travel without a spray tan? Pretty much never. So, decisions, decisions. I’m gonna head to the office, I’m gonna put a big coat on.

Little on-brand, I know, I had to wear a little pink for an interview that I know I’m gonna be on video, so that’s what we’re doing. Let’s do it. (laughs) Whose turn is it? No, you know what? I don’t know how, but like, we got along so great.

Like, the three of us and how we made that work  It was like, oh, Amy’s in LA on that Sunday, so she’s gotta go last because of her successful beginner YouTuber And Chandler and I talked about community, and that was really my first experience to grow an explosive community from the three of us, to the point where we had a Facebook group, and we had so many people sharing your journey from.

We decided, okay, here, that was fun, this is great, and move on. It was all in a good spirit. It was all like, we knew that we were all heading into different areas. –

My engagement level and different elements. It was a really fun campaign while we did it. There were so many people who were just as committed to Sundays as we were and would watch, and that was just a lot of fun. And obviously, it brought all three of us closer together How to become a successful beginner Youtuber.

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Two of us got married, but that’s okay. (Sue laughs) What’s the name? – [Woman] Christopher Shingle. – The whole name? – [Woman] You think Chris? – Do you think he wants the whole name? – [Woman] You can write to Chris. – Do you think he wants Chris? No, I mean his last name. (laughs) I can write to Christopher. – [Woman] Oh, yeah, write Christopher. – Okay, I can write to Christopher. Is it two to Christopher? The other one, too? – [Woman] Yeah, but you don’t have to write to Christopher to him, on that one.

There are many ways to become a beginner Youtuber but successfully hook a subscriber. Being a YouTuber is indeed a trend among young people successful beginner YouTuber.

YouTubers are now one profession that is so promising for most people. Even the public figures and celebrities in the country know many who decide to become a YouTuber.

The names that still survive such as Ria Rice’s, Atta Halilintar to Raffi Ahmad are successful people becoming a Youtuber. For those of you who just graduated from college and want to become a YouTuber, it is fine.

I’m gonna write all over this one, anyway. He wants me to sign this one, yeah. – [Amy] He wants you to sign that one? – [Woman] Well, I don’t know what he wants me to, but I’m going to, and he’s gonna enjoy it. – Okay, so what do you want me to write on this one, then? – [Woman] To Christopher, and I don’t know. – You want me to do both of them to Christopher? – [Woman] No, I don’t know.

Being a video content creator on Youtube must be consistent and different from the others

This is the one he’s giving to somebody. – So then I probably shouldn’t write to Christopher, right? – [Woman] You just sign Amy Landino. – Okay, okay. – [Woman] Yeah, this is. – Should I write Amy Landino? – [Woman] (laughs) Yeah, yeah.

You can check with him to see if I was supposed to do something different for that one if you want since you have special access. – [Woman] Right. – Okay, two bookmarks. – [Woman] I was handing ’em out at the party and I didn’t realize they were double-sided. – (laughs) The are double-sided How to become a successful beginner Youtuber.

That’s so funny, my brother said the same thing He was, like, oh, I couldn’t decide if I wanted a yellow or pink And I was like, you can have both. – [Woman] That’s ’cause I handed it to him and I was like, do you want yellow or pink? (laughs) And he was like, yellow.

There you go It was the two of you who were doing it It’s amazing All right Rush back home, change my clothes because I have an interview with my friend Jay now It’s an interview kind of day. We’re on podcast whore. So it’s happening I need more coffee.

For beginners, it’s good to think about shareability points so that content created can be shared by YouTube users. Then here, consistency is very important for you who want to start becoming a video content creator on Youtube.

Discoverability is also very important when making videos so that many users are easy to find when looking for it.

Being a successful YouTube creator in the USA was perhaps the most important one, YouTube consistency, consistency in terms of schedule, content format, or personality The point is, how do we make people want to subscribe to that consistency, “Geri said as quoted by Okezone successful beginner YouTuber.

Geri’s colleague who is the Country Manager of Youtube USA Strategic Partnership, Wafa Taftazani, provides a little leak for your beginner YouTuber Expertise in making a video is needed for video content creator on Youtube.

Having distinctive features and being different is one of the keys to the success of YouTubers who already have many subscribers.

People were asking me to speak about video and what is it that actually makes it work, and the only thing I could really point to was that you know, when you see a comment on a video that’s like, I feel like you made that for me, or you’re my favorite YouTuber, how do you get to that point? How do you become someone’s favorite? It’s not like I came out of nowhere It’s not like this just happens successful beginner YouTuber.

You stumble upon these valuable pieces of advice and information through experience, and this was my experience. It was fascinating to me that, again, I had learned something new. I learned one, you can make a video for one person and affect many, and then I learned, two, if you learn how to communicate in a medium that you might be able to communicate in other mediums well.

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How to become a successful beginner Youtuber

Actually, the main thing in terms of content they must be very familiar with their expertise to create content like what So don’t just follow content that is trending. 

But being able to find unique content is the key, “added Wafa Not only that, but a beginner also must be smart to analyze the videos that already exist. In order for content to develop, video content creators on YouTube must also be skilled at operating several tools on Youtube.

Well, if you’ve fulfilled the points above, the steps to become a successful YouTuber will be open When you get enough subscribers, you can’t help but get a salary from Youtube.

Become a Beginner YouTuber

That’s the way to become a beginner YouTuber for those of you who want to be a video content creator on Youtube The tips above you can follow you know to generate a lot of Cuan in your account.

Just because you make free videos on the internet doesn’t mean that you’re too good to write a book, and because of speaking, I realized I was missing a piece and it was having a book.

So that’s how my first book came out, and I couldn’t believe now how many people have been touched by my message because I now entered their medium of choice, like reading or listening on Audible.

But you have to make a video for two people It’s gotta be for your Charlotte, and it also has to be for you Because we’ve seen too many people doing things for the wrong reasons, and that’s why they don’t have staying power.

They get to their 100th episode and they get to some milestone they thought was gonna be a big deal, and then it’s really not a big deal It doesn’t move the needle, it’s just a pretty number  And then it’s not enough for them.

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Have a very merry Christmas  I will, you, too. Tell the family we said hi  Guys, later. – Bye.

All right, I’m gonna have to end this vlog here I’ve gotta get packed up, at least a little bit I usually pack at the last second, especially since we’re only going to New York for like five minutes.

Better pack up a little bit before we leave, I got some things I’ve gotta take care of I’m waking up at three o’clock in the morning It’s gonna be a whole situation So that’s what’s going on That’s it for this episode of “Kabu123.” Thank you so much for tuning in I appreciate it, as always.

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