5 Best Website Addresses to Check Website Speed

5 Best Website Addresses to Check and Test Website Speed

We all have to realize now that internet users are impatient when it comes to waiting long to open our website.

Website Speed

As such, the performance of your website and the ability to make it faster are crucial for usability and, ultimately, success.

5 Best Website Addresses to Check Website Speed
5 Best Website Addresses to Check Website Speed


Best Website Addresses to Check and Test Website

In order to help you build a website faster and identify troublesome website performance bottlenecks, consider incorporating the following tools into your web development process.

Tip: It might be a good idea to use some website speed testing so you can get a better picture of your site’s speed problems.

If website optimization is already doing as well as possible but it’s still slow, it can happen because the hosting service that you are using has poor speed, so be sure to use the best hosting.

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Google Page Speed Online is a website Tools service provider to check the speed of your website made by Google, you can try to analyze the speed of your website.

With Google page speed you can get a lot of information from this web Tool, even including reports for mobile devices.


This tool provides PageSpeed scores and suggestions for better performance.
Google Page Speed makes retrieving web pages faster when users access web pages using the
Google search engine.
You can use this tool on the Nginx server or the Apache server to rewrite and optimize resources on any website.

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Pingdom is one of my favorite online tools for testing and checking website speed.


Pingdom This provides all the information you might need to know about your site’s performance

and W S such as page weight, download speed, code analysis, performance values, development suggestions and even historical timelines to record the progress of your website’s speed over time.

Feature :

Check all parts of the web page
Provide a performance report
Track your website’s performance history
Lets you test from various locations and countries

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3. Gtmetrix

GTmetrix shows reports about your website tests and speed checks from the combined results of Google Insights PageSpeed and YSlow as well as additional information such as total page size and a number of requests.

Gtmetrix 2020

This online tool is better than the two systems above, although you can still use it separately.

Feature :
This allows you to test the speed of your website in various countries, as well as the browser.
It provides a summary of key performance indicators.

You can track website performance by monitoring and viewing it graphically.
You can check web pages on various simulation devices.

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If you need a quick and easy tool, Website Speed Test is the choice for you to check website speed.


This concentrates on the download time or page viewer, but the file size is also displayed, along with the download time for each individual file which can be useful to isolate which problem areas should be increased.

Feature :
You can run this tool in Chrome and IE browsers with real consumer connection speeds.
This carries out further testing, including video capture, content blocking, multi-step transactions, etc.
It offers diagnostic information that includes loading graphics, checking page speed optimization, and suggestions for better user experience.

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Uptrends is a monitoring tool to control the performance, work time, and functionality of your website, server, and API.

UPTRENDS check website speed
UPTRENDS check website speed

This online tool is great for testing the rendering speed of your web pages in the best browsers such as (Chrome, Firefox, and IE) and gives you the choice of conducting tests from several locations around the world.

This tool supports a variety of protocol technologies for website and server monitoring needs including, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, HTTP / HTTPS, FTP, SQL, and MySQL.
Automatically send emails containing dashboard reports in PDF or Excel files to the recipients that you have chosen
You can monitor your API up time and set up API calls to cross-check the response data.
This online application can also monitor multi-step transactions such as login, search, shopping cart, and forms.
Automatically identifies web performance issues in browsers such as IE, Chrome, and Firefox.

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And those are some websites that you can use to test or check your website loading speed and the results displayed can be used to improve or optimize your website speed.

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