New Canon M6 Mark II Best Camera For All And New YouTubers 2020

New Canon M6 Mark II Best Camera For All And New YouTubers 2020

In this post, I want to review the canon m6 mark 2 which is I bought this recently I’ve been using it as my primary camera for all of my channels and I’ve really been spending a lot of time with this camera and I really do like it it’s currently my favorite camera.

New Canon M6 Mark II Best Camera For All And New YouTubers 2020
New Canon M6 Mark II Best Camera For All And New YouTubers 2020

Which is why I’m using it all the time and so I want to focus this post on the post capabilities of this camera so why you might or might not want to use this if you have a youtube channel or if you make videos for Instagram or Tik-Tok or whatever you’re doing out there if you’re making video content why you might want to be considering this camera or not so.

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Canon M6 Mark II

I want to break this down in a couple of different segments in this post I want to start off with a physical tour show you guys what it looks like what it feels like and just give you a better idea of what we’re talking about Canon M6 Mark II then I want to get into the actual filming the pros and cons of filming with this you know some of the specs as well as what I like and don’t like after actually using it then.

I want to get into some of the accessories you might want to consider buying and then lastly I’ll give you guys a general conclusion about you know if this is the camera for you or not so, of course, it depends on what you’re looking for every creator is slightly different some people shoot in lower light some people shoot more actions type stuff so.

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Whatever you’re looking for this might or might not be the camera for you I think it’s definitely a really nice camera for me so starting off with the physical tool right here you’ll see on the bottom I think will start on the bottom it’s pretty standard not that exciting.

But you do have your battery slot and to your SD slot on the bottom right there now the battery I like that it has the same like an OS rebel kind of battery that I have unlike my SL 2 and like many other of my cameras so it’s nice to have a consistent battery across different cameras also your SD card slot is on the bottom I don’t think that’s the best spot for it but regardless that’s where they put it on a lot of these you know mid-range type cameras on the right side you have your USB see right there and you have your HDMI now the USB type-c is pretty exciting.

Because that means you can have power delivery to this so you can plug into the wall have you know USB C plugged in there and you can power your camera if you’re shooting you know a very stationary set up so if you have a tripod and it just is always there then it might make sense to not worry about changing batteries all the time just run power delivery to your camera and you don’t have to worry about that at all now on the flip side you just have again your little flap right there with your mic and then above that, you have your little switch.

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Which pops up your flash now this flash is actually pretty cool a little bit of a photo thing right here I saw somebody else talk about this and it is a cool concept where instead of shooting a flash directly at your subject you can actually bend this back because it’s on two hinges right there so you can bend it back and like bounce it off the ceiling or you know any other surroundings around you.

To get more of ambient lighting and less of like a really harsh you know direct flash at your subject so just a cool thing if you use a flash indoors that’s a cool way to do that now, of course, you have your little hop mount on the top right there that’s a way that you can put on obviously like a shotgun mic or if you want to put on like an electronic viewfinder.

Because this Canon the camera actually doesn’t have an EF V built into it but you can get one and put it on there again since we’re talking about videos where you don’t need one because you’re never really going to be using that for videos and then we have your little wheels on this three little wheels in a row right there so one of them is switching between different modes you’ll see that you do actually have a video mode so you can shoot videos in any of the other modes or almost any of the other modes.

But if you go to like manual for example you can only shoot 1080p in that and if you want to shoot 4k you have to go over to video mode so I’m not sure exactly why it’s set up that way but it is regardless so if you’re shooting 4k you have to be in video mode now video mode on here does have three sub-modes so you can shoot an HDR you can shoot in like Auto or you can shoot in manual so.

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I always obviously just use manual that’s what I think most creators should be using HDR can be useful though if you’re in like a pretty diverse situation and then, of course, the three little dials of the other will there’s a third one on the back as well so you have a little dial right up by the shutter button and you can customize you know a lot of these dials so I have that one working my shutter speed then.

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